Posted by McDonald Udoye | 17:20

MTN Voice Chat is a unique and innovative mobile voice-based social networking service that allows subscribers to discover and engage with people with similar interests and hobbies while allowing them to maintain their anonymity.


  •  The MTN Voice chat service allow subscribers to find and chat with people without disclosing their identity or mobile number 
  •  It provides an additional dimension to Chat as subscribers enjoy the freedom of choosing, at his/her convenience to chat via Voice and SMS 
  •  Ability to express themselves and their personal style by recording their profile in their own voice and language 
  • Allows subscribers to directly call their Voice chat buddies without having to connect to the voice chat IVR 
  •  Subscribers are able to control their  privacy using inbuilt features and can also switch to SMS chat if  it’s inconvenient to have a voice call 
  •  Subscribers can leave voicemail messages for their friends


It's simple. Call 424, register yourself by making a short profile recording about yourself, set profile details, and set your desired partners profile and get to speak to them using your unique chat id. Using this unique and innovative platform, you can search & get connected with people of similar choice, likes & dislikes at their own convenience all from your mobile phone


To get started on the MTN Voice chat service, customer dials the Short Code 424 and follows the voice prompts to listen to pre-recorded profile of other users on the system. To successfully join the MTN Voice Chat service and connect with other subscribers, the customer creates a profile by recording a short introduction describing him/her. Customers are also required to provide their age, sex and location to complete their profiles.
After successfully registering for the service, customer receives an SMS containing their 7 digit chat ID and can continue to listen to profiles of other already registered subscribers or choose to connect with them.